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Client Work DivisionClient Work Division

Since we call ourselves the Fun-Loving Corporation, one of our specialties is the creation of fun ideas. We use this capability to create new value for commonplace content and conventional motifs. Leave it to KAYAC if you want to break away from stereotypes and preconceived ideas.

What can be done with ideas

SNS / Web promotions
SNS / Web promotions

SNS / Web promotions

We can help resolve issues in a fun and interesting way by combining KAYAC's ideas with the unique qualities of a client's products, services, or even of their company itself. We can assist you with creating content that is sure to go viral on SNS without being overly focused on the output format.
Product and service development (R&D)
Product and service development (R&D)

Product and service development (R&D)

We can help plant the seeds to grow future businesses by combining client assets with KAYAC's ideas and technological capacilities. KAYAC can flexibly assist with everything from the PoC (Proof of Concept) and prototyping phases to the development phase.
Event planning (Unko Museum)
Event planning (Unko Museum)

Event planning (Unko Museum)

It is possible to aim to attract new customers by breaking away from preconceived ideas and holding events that allow participants to enjoy new and novel experiences. Contact KAYAC for a consultation if you have any questions or issues regarding event content or use of empty spaces.


When dealing with client corporate issues, we can assist with not only providing single, isolated promotional content, but also with building a brand by thinking of "content" in a much wider sense, including everything form the company name and CI/VI, to internal systems and organizations and more.


KAYAC itself is also involved in a variety of SDG related initiatives, but we can also assist clients with their own SDG initiatives by thinking about initiatives together and helping to convey those initiatives to the public in an easy to understand manner.

The areas we cover are expanding through collaboration with other companies!



KAYAC and vector create popular things together!


“TOWAC” events that buzz


KAYAC and TOW produce events that buzz!

Important keywords


We do a lot of brainstorming to come up with ideas for resolving clients concerns and problems, and delivering better products and services to users.

“People with ideas are never serious.”
This is a line that we love at KAYAC.

Technological capability

Around half of KAYAC’s employees are engineers, and simply put, KAYAC is a company of engineers. That is why engineers are also involved in planning. The ideas that they are able to come up with because they are always following the latest trends in technology, and the technological capability to put them into action are their strengths.

Come and ask us if you are wondering whether technology could solve a problem for you.


One of KAYAC’s action guidelines is “Not What, But Who.” We want to discuss things in depth with our clients to ensure we understand each other, enabling us to create things as a single team.


The most important keyword at KAYAC is “Thanks.”
“Thanks” shows compassion for others. “Thanks” for being able to make things. “Thanks” for being able to work on issues. The process of creation is brimming with “thanks.”

We cherish the “thanks” for everyone who created opportunities to create “thanks” and everyone who has come in contact with things KAYAC has created.

With this stance, our buzz content service aims to make “love for clients, users and KAYAC to be the most creative in the world.”

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