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Rules, benefits, events

Programs related to Kamakura

KAYAC recommends employees to live and work in Kamakura.

Kamakura housing allowance

KAYAC partially pays the rent for employees who live in Kamakura, Zushi, and other places close to the development location.

Our Town Cafeteria

For those working in Kamakura, companies and organizations based in Kamakura jointly operate "Our Town Cafeteria".

Our Town Preschool Kamakura

"Our Town Preschool Kamakura" is a regional nursery school for those working in and living in Kamakura.

We’re All HR Directors

All employees of KAYAC are members of the HR Department and create an organization that is fun to work in by being involved in hiring, evaluation and wage reviews.

Everyone hiring

The business cards of everyone at KAYAC state that they are members of the “HR Department.” It has been proven that this alone is enough to heighten employees’ awareness of hiring.

Finding people you want to work with for your own good. We would like to make the company create a cycle like this.

Feedback to ensure everyone grows together

All employees provide each other with suggestions and advice to ensure the growth of employees. A newly graduated recruit making suggestions to the CEO is not unheard of. These are also published throughout the Company.

Everyone determines compensation

Employees in the same occupation conduct mutual voting once every six months to determine pay increases relative to their ranking.

Evaluation and compensation system

The compensation for KAYAC employees is determined by three elements: luck, mutual evaluation by employees, and evaluation by supervisors. These are quantified in extremely simple manner.

Dice Pay

Dice Pay

Wages are determined by the roll of a dice every month!

This is a system in which all employees roll a dice before payday to receive “basic wage + (number on the dice) %” as an additional payment.

It is difficult to create a perfectly fair evaluation system as long as people are evaluating other people. This system was based on the idea that it should be acceptable to have an element determined by god instead of other people.

Monthly wage ranking (mutual evaluation by employees)

Fixed monthly wages are determined by ability! They are revised once every six months.

People in the same occupation determine the ranking through mutual voting, and the results are reflected in monthly wages.

In response to the simple command for “everyone to establish the order of compensation as if you were the company’s president,” the results of voting by employees are tallied.

The wording “as if you were the company’s president” means that they are allowed to be subjective. This is based on the philosophy that a collection of subjective views is surprisingly accurate, and that a collection of subjective views is the view most valued by the organization and is the most convincing and fair.

Monthly wage ranking workshop

A mutual sharing workshop based on a "company president's perspective"

Mutual evaluation based on the monthly wage ranking is key to maintain our culture at KAYAC, however, as the number of employees increase, evaluation standards tend to diversify. Through this workshop, we aim for mutual understanding of what each employee values, ​​and to increase new perspectives.

Monthly wage ranking workshop

Producer bonus (evaluation by supervisors)

This is determined four times every year based on the subjective view of producers.

Each quarter, bonus resources are allocated to producers (business supervisors) according to the performance of each business. Each producer allocates bonuses to employees according to their contribution to the business.

Whereas the above ranking of ability is determined based on the subjective views of all employees, allocation within each project is determined solely at the discretion of a single producer.

To sum up the above compensation system, it is a balanced design with three elements in which the element determined by god accounts for several percent, ability-based compensation is based on fair evaluation of employees by each other, and bonuses are determined at the discretion of producers, which may result in unreasonable evaluation.

Smile & Punch

Smile & Punch

Zero yen “Smile Pay”. Priceless.

Smile Pay is a monthly program to find something positive about other employees and send a witty comment to each other.

This is an extra compensation system that makes it fun to open up your pay slip. We got the idea from “Smile 0 Yen” of a franchise chain.

Along with Smile Pay, we have a Punch message to tell employees what they should fix.

Systems providing opportunities for growth

KAYAC aims to have employees with unique strengths, so it is difficult to provide training that helps specific skills shared by everyone.

For this reason, we place emphasis on mechanisms providing opportunities for each creator to grow.

First Brainstorming before joining the company

Brainstorming on career possibilities at KAYAC before joining the company

Prospective employees conduct brainstorming with employees with similar careers before they decide whether or not to join KAYAC. The theme of the brainstorming is what kind of growth opportunities are present within the company based on what the prospective employees want to do.

The purpose is to enable prospective employees to see more “things that can be achieved at KAYAC” by hearing the opinions of employees already working at the company.

Final Brainstorming before leaving

Brainstorming with people retiring on what could have stopped them from leaving

Brainstorming is conducted with employees who have decided to leave to discuss what could have stopped them from leaving. This brainstorming also provides an opportunity to hear opinions on “how the company should have changed.”

Based on this, we want to make the company a better place. Brainstorming finally conducted with people retiring is also aimed at maintaining good relations with people who are leaving.

360-degree full open feedback

360-degree full open feedback

Each other’s feedback is published for all employees

Once every six months, employees receive feedback on their own activities from employees who worked with them, reflecting on their own activities over the past six months. The objective is growth and it is not linked to compensation.

It is characterized by the reflections of other employees and the fact that all feedback regarding this is published.

For example, newly hired employees and management executives can see how they give each other suggestions and how they reflect upon their own actions, and even newly graduated hires can give feedback to the CEO.

Creator Assignment System

Assignment to projects employees are interested in regardless of business or occupation

Opportunities for growth are found in the “career interviews by everyone” and personnel are assigned to projects matching such opportunities.

The results are examined in “360-degree full open feedback” and at the same time, everyone evaluates their ability to reflect it in compensation in the monthly wage rankings.

This cycle is referred to as the “creator assignment system.” This is the embodiment of the overall image of KAYAC’s HR system.

Fun-loving corporation indicator

There is also an indicator of how KAYAC is not just an enterprise, but rather a “fun-loving” enterprise.

“Are you having fun working?”

Each employee grades whether they are having fun working on a scale of 1 to 10.

Even if this fun indicator is low, it does not reflect poorly on the evaluation of the employee.

However, it does effect the evaluation of the employee’s supervisors (producer and occupation leader). Considering that a fun-loving corporation is a company where employees have fun working, this indicator could be seen as an indicator of the management of a fun-loving corporation.

This was made with the intent to ensure that this fun indicator is maintained in management when making new companies as long as they are part of the group of fun-loving corporations.

“Would you recommend working at KAYAC to people who aspire to do the same job?”

KAYAC does not place emphasis on “employee satisfaction.”

This is because satisfaction results in people wanting the status quo and this does not match KAYAC’s promotion of change. Instead, the above question is asked once every six months.

Employees are asked the reasons why that cannot recommend their own company. Reasons for not being able to recommend it vary depending on the person’s circumstances, but we believe it leads to steps being taken to improve the company. We will make the company a place where people want to increase the people they work with.

The question was created by applying the approach of NPS for measuring customer loyalty.

Systems related to hiring

Fast Pass and Last Pass

Fast Pass and Last Pass

Special cards that provide an advantage in screening

KAYAC issues card called “Fast Passes” and distributes them among all employees. All employees belong to the HR department, so by handing out this Fast Pass to a person who they want to work with, the recipient is exempted from initial screening.

Also certain employees with interview experience have a “Last Pass” for inviting candidates straight to a final interview.

This is an initiative aimed at everyone working together to find people they want to work with based on the emphasis on “Not What, But Who.”

Fun-loving recruitment campaign

Fun-loving recruitment campaign

KAYAC uses original hiring methods backed by the company’s philosophy and guidelines for action, and conducts unique hiring campaigns that anyone can enjoy to manifest the message behind the “fun-loving corporation.”

Workstyle Benefits

The Traveling Branch Office

The Traveling Branch Office

Have an internet. Work from anywhere.

Headquartered in Kamakura, KAYAC believes that people can work anywhere if they are given Internet access and a PC.

At times, everyone follows each other’s work while working somewhere different than usual. There are conditions on participation, but some people have worked overseas for more than a month.

For example, temporary KAYAC offices have been established not only throughout Japan but all over the world in locations such as Hawaii, Italy, Vietnam, Izu, Okinawa and Shikoku.

Incidentally, an office was established in Sendai for three months immediately after the Tohoku earthquake in 2011 for the purpose of providing disaster relief. There are also efforts aimed at free work styles.

Birthday off

“Thanks” to being born

Employees can take a day off in the month they were born. It should be spent by being grateful for being born.

Creative Perks

Trial production lab

Trial production lab

Numerous experimental works created by KAYAC employees at work and on their days off are on display for everyone to see!

The trial production lab is a collection of numerous experimental works created by people at KAYAC who love creating.

・Items using new technology
・Items based on new ideas
・Items exploding with the pure desire to create

There are lots of items that meet all three criteria.

There is also a company event called “Tsukutte-iitomo” held every month to announce things individuals have created, and anyone can participate.

The Manga Business Card

The Manga Business Card

Every business card is a work of art

KAYAC employees have the manga business card using their own faces as a motif.

These highly original the manga business card give the recipients surprise and enjoyment, and include a message recognizing the individuality of each person. Even a business card is a KAYAC work of art.

Support for retired employees

We also offer support for people we want to work with even after they have left KAYAC!

KAYAC sees change as being positive, and doesn’t believe everyone should continue working at KAYAC.

Leaving the company to move onto the next stage is by no means a bad thing. Lots of creators originally from KAYAC being out in the world is also linked to the philosophy of “Create more creators.” We have a list of people who have retired to give them our support.

Sharing Vision and KAYAC Culture

Everyone's The Boss Camp (Biannually / April and October)

Everyone's The Boss Camp (Biannually / April and October)

Just earnest thinking of company’s future.

Twice a year we organize a company-wide two-day camp, when everyone – engineers, designers, directors, – literally everyone stops working and head to camping facility.

We break up into teams to brainstorm and share ideas about KAYAC’s systems and future vision. At the end of the camp, each team gives a presentation and the winning team receives a double bonus through Dice Pay.

A philosophy emphasized by KAYAC is that it is hard to constantly think during day-to-day work. The camp is a place where employees can seriously re-examine things twice a year.

“New Employee Training” for the whole office

“New Employee Training” for the whole office

All employees can participate, not only newcomers. Even senior employees can brush up!

At KAYAC Inc.'s new employee training, various senior staff, who are knowledgeable in their fields, become instructors and offer classes. This is a new system to provide an opportunity for all employees, not just newcomers, to reskill.

Every participant can share stories and experiences which employees can't hear during their daily work.

The classes range from basic topics such as "accounting and finance", "legal affairs", and "public relations", to more advanced topics such as "brainstorming" and "planning courses" to come up with new and interesting ideas. Courses even range to diverse topics such as "tai chi", "yoga", and "cooking".

Episode Blog

“New Employee Training” for the whole office

Reservoir of rare events and episodes at KAYAC

Failures and successes in work along with other profound episodes are collected from all employees to accumulate content on the company Intranet. People joining KAYAC read these episodes to learn about what kind of company KAYAC is.

Several of the blog entries are selected to be converted into manga every year.

KAYAC Awards

KAYAC Awards

Awards for the faces of KAYAC today

KAYAC awards are presented once every six months. They are given to teams and people who have worked hard over the past six months.

KABUC (KAYAC shareholder) Newsletter

KABUC (KAYAC shareholder) Newsletter

This is a newsletter addressed to fun-loving shareholders.

It contains not only basic information such as financial highlights and descriptions of businesses, but also brief descriptions of the company by KAYAC employees and other information that provides a deeper understanding of KAYAC. It is delivered to the homes of shareholders once every year.

Regular Events

New-Year onenga project (January 1)

New-Year onenga project (January 1)

A greeting from KAYAC at the start of the year

Since KAYAC stopped using paper New Year’s cards in 2006, the company has offered New Year’s greetings on January 1 using Web content and mobile content devised by KAYAC employees.

To ensure everyone enjoys the start of the year, the company breaks up into teams at the end of the year to conduct brainstorming and start creating. It is a big event in which an award is given to the team that provides the most fun.

KAYAC style April Fools' Day (April 1)

KAYAC style April Fools' Day (April 1)

No idea is held back even if just for a day!

April Fools' Day is an event that really shows off the ideas that make KAYAC worthy of the fun-loving corporation title. The gloves come off as people pit their ideas against each other’s. We will show you some of the best surprises and the best lies.

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