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surface: Craze is invincible.

surface: Craze is invincible.

For you who face new challenge this spring

KAYAC produced a web movie to promote Microsoft's PC Surface for people who face new challenges this spring.

The movie vividly depicts, with the main slogan ""Craze is invincible,"" a student who follows a dream while washing dishes as a part time job, a student who draws the landscape of Tokyo on the roof of a building, a student who runs with his friends at midnight, and other students who are into something.
It is an addictive video that makes people want to watch again and again with the cinematic visual tone, emotional music, and narration that incorporates the youths' desire to be approved.

We employed many young geniuses such as yahyel for music, hot artist ZOMBIE-CHANG, and popular models Ruko and Seiya Ohta. It attained 2 million PVs in two weeks of release and was much talked in Twitter and Instagram.

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