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Terms of use

The terms of use and other information regarding use of this website (hereinafter referred to simply as the “Site”) operated by KAYAC Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “KAYAC”).

By using the site, you consent to the following.


The copyrights for all content (video, images, audio, text, designs, etc.) on the Site belong to KAYAC and third parties with legitimate rights.

The content on the site may not be used without obtaining permission from KAYAC in advance.


1. KAYAC shall not be liable in any way for trouble or damages arising from using or being unable to use the Site.

2. KAYAC does not offer any warranty or guarantees regarding the completeness, accuracy, reliability, usefulness, or any other aspect of the information and content of the Site.

3. KAYAC may alter content, or suspend or cease operation of the Site without notice, and shall not be held liable for trouble or damages arising from such actions.

Information collection modules

1. In order to provide this service free of charge, advertising providers who have verified KAYAC's Application Privacy Policy may use information collection modules to automatically collect user inforomation for advertising purposes.

2.KAYAC uses cookies in order to collection user browser information when a user utilizes the Site.*Cookies are files sent from a web server when a user accesses a website. The cookies used by this service do not include user names, email addresses, or any other information which can be used to identify individual users.

3. KAYAC uses the Google Analytics tools provided by Google Inc. in order to analyze the information collection in accordance with the preceding Item for the purpose of improving this Site.

4. The methods used for data collection and processing by Google Analytics can be found at the link below.

5. Explanations related to Google Inc. terms of service can be found at the link below.


1. In order to facilitate use of the Site, KAYAC assigns IDs to users of the Site and writes these IDs to cookies. If the user’s browser does not accept the cookies, then features such as “mail magazine subscription”, “mid-career, fresh grad, internship job applications”, “inquiries” cannot be used.

2. The Site uses cookies for the following purposes.

(1) Job applications and inquiries
(2) Preventing unauthorized access
(3) Use of Google Analytics

3. KAYAC does not record any personal information or input information in cookies

Browser requirements

The Site uses HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, and SVG.

The Site is best viewed by turning on these functions in the settings of the following recommended browsers.

WindowsThe latest version of Google Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge
Mac OSThe latest version of Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox
iOS(iPhone、iPad)Mobile Safari (OS version 12.0 or later)
AndroidChrome Browser (OS version 7.0 or later)

Some older contents use Adobe Flash.

Changes to the terms of use

The site policies and terms of use may be changed without notice.

Governing law and jurisdiction

Use of the Site, and the interpretation and application of the site policies shall be governed by Japanese law unless otherwise specified. The Yokohama District Court shall be the court of jurisdiction in the first instance regarding all disputes related to the Site unless otherwise specified.

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