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IR policy

Disclosure policy

Basic disclosure policy

KAYAC conducts disclosure in an accurate, timely and fair manner in accordance with laws and regulations such as the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and the Timely Disclosure Rules stipulated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Even if the information does not fall under the material facts stipulated in the Timely Disclosure Rules, an effort will be made to actively and fairly disclose information via the website if it is deemed to be useful for shareholders and investors.

Method of disclosure of information

KAYAC strives to disclose information in a timely and fair manner through the Timely Disclosure network (TD net) in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and the Timely Disclosure Rules stipulated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Information published on TD net is promptly shown on our IR site. Furthermore, information not subject to Timely Disclosure Rules is actively disclosed to respond to the needs of investors. Please understand that the timing of disclosure on the IR site may be delayed due to reasons such as system problems and preparation for publication.

Forward-looking statements

KAYAC may provide information related to business forecasts such as disclosure information. Such information is made up of forward-looking statements according to decisions by the Company based on information available at the present time, and includes risks and uncertainties related to economic conditions, market trends, taxation systems and various institutions. Therefore, we ask that you understand that the results actually announced may differ due to a variety of factors.

Quiet period

In order to prevent leaks of material information that affects the share price such as information on the company’s results and to ensure fairness, KAYAC establishes a quiet period for a certain period before the announcement of results in which refrains from IR activities. We refrain from responding to any questions, inquiries or requests for interviews during this period.

However, if there is an outlook during the period that substantially deviates from results forecasts that have already been announced, this is published appropriately in accordance with the Timely Disclosure Rules.


Use of IR information

The IR information shown on the Website is for the purpose of providing financial information and management information on KAYAC Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “KAYAC”), but KAYAC does not make any representations or warranties concerning the content.

Furthermore, the information on the Website is not shown for the purpose of solicitation of investment. When making actual investments, we ask that you refrain from making investment decisions completely based on information on the Website, and that you make investment decisions based on your own judgement.

Information shown

KAYAC pays careful attention to the information shown on the Website, but shall not be liable in any way for errors in the information shown, tampering with data by third parties, or damages arising due to the download of data, etc., regardless of the reason.

Forward-looking statements

Part of the information shown on the Website includes statements about future performance. Such statements do not constitute warranties of future performance and include risks and uncertainties. Please note that actual results may vary from these forward-looking statements depending on changes in the environment.

Operation of the Website

The operation of the Website may be suspended, terminated or altered without notice.

Furthermore, it may not be possible to correctly use the Website due to your communication environment, the state of your computer or other reasons. Please understand that KAYAC shall not be liable for any trouble, losses or damages arising as a result thereof.

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