Thanks | KAYAC


It’s a magic word.

We want to make KAYAC an organization that’s always bubbling over with the word “Thanks.”

“Thanks” is not just a word directed at the person you say it to – it’s also directed at yourself.

Of course it’s natural to use whenever you feel grateful. However, we’d rather you try using it when you feel quite the opposite.

For example, let’s say you’re extremely angry. This is actually the situation we want you to try saying “Thanks” in, to the face of the person who is responsible. It may feel embarrassing, but we want you to try and say it. Even if you can’t put your soul into it, just try and say the word. If there is simply no way you could say it out loud to their face, then we want you to at least say a little quiet one down inside.

If you do, we’re sure you’ll experience the mysterious power this word possesses.

You will feel yourself change. Only those who have honestly tried it will know how it feels. But you will definitely know what we’re talking about if you try saying it. It’s a magic word.


To those of you who have taken an interest in KAYAC.

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