Why in Kamakura?

It is critical to decide the head office location. This is surprisingly neglected by many companies, but it is very important. There should be based on the company’s will, intentions and strategic reasons.

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Regional revitalization is a trend of the times

Why does KAYAC, an IT company, have an office in Kamakura?

You could say that Shibuya or Roppongi, where IT companies are concentrated, might be a better choice. However, KAYAC wants to present diverse values to make the world more fun.

We think the world would be more fun if companies operated by taking advantage of the characteristics of their respective towns instead of being concentrated in one place and the direction we have taken is a mature evolution of this. The limitations of the era of pursuing only economic rationality have become evident.

We also believe that this approach is a trend of the times. As indicated by the national government advocating the key concept of regional revitalization, it also matches the direction of society.

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Kamakura’s culture

Kamakura has many appealing points, but I will introduce one appealing initiative that symbolizes Kamakura’s culture.

It is the Kamakura Religious Council. Since March 11 of 2011 when the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred, Kamakura has held meetings of a council made up of representatives of different religions including Shinto, Buddhism and Christianity. Every year, they gather together to pray in the same location.

People with different values in different positions taking each other arm in arm and respecting each other’s values. This is an uncommon occurrence anywhere in the world.

Kamakura has an atmosphere of acceptance of diverse values. As indicated by its claim to being the origin of NPOs, the city is also home to many civic groups.

The old city of Kamakura may seem to have nothing to do with IT, but such an atmosphere is one of the reasons why IT companies such as ours are accepted here. We also believe that the culture and philosophy of Kamakura are perfectly suited to our fun-loving corporation that places emphasis on diversity.

Geographically, Kamakura is also very appealing with mountains, the ocean, temples and shrines.

As can be seen in recent trends of Zen and mindfulness in the IT industry, it is only a matter of time before it is scientifically proven that mountains and the ocean provide stability to people’s mental outlook, and increase their productivity. Incidentally, Kamakura is also the origin of Zen Buddhism.

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An enterprise contributing to the local community

KAYAC was involved in the establishment of Kamacon Valley and we share the same destiny as this group of people with the Kamakura spirit.

Inspired by the Kamakura Religious Council where people with different religions take each other’s hands, people with different titles and positions who may even be rivals work hand in hand in this group to support people who are passionate about Kamakura.

The activities of Kamacon are fully supported by KAYAC. Through the know-how and particularly brainstorming developed in our fun-loving corporation, we are increasing the number of creators in the community. If people gain an awareness of creating the town themselves, they will come to love it more and more, and living here will become more enjoyable.

The way the company is involved with the community will be an important theme in the future.

The proximity of home and work will be reconsidered more than ever in the future, and there will be an increasing number of people focusing on where their work is located more than which company they work at.

KAYAC also encourages its employees to participate in community activities where they live. If people gain an awareness of creating the town themselves, they will come to love it more and more, and living here will become more enjoyable.

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