World of animation movie BLAME! recreated with VR!

Along with the creation of the animation movie of BLAME!, a legendary SF cartoon by a remarkable manga artist Tsutomu Nihei, KAYAC has developed BLAME! VR content delivering the experience of the world of BLAME!

It provides players with VR experience through the eyes of Kirii, the main character who wanders around the world of BLAME! movie animation. Employing HTC VIVE controller, players' movement of eyes as well as arms synchronizes with Kirii's movement. Users can activate Gravitational Beam Emitter in their right hand.

With full support of Polygon Pictures, which produced the animation, KAYAC reproduced the world of BLAME! animation movie on VR, maximizing Unity's latest post-effect capabilities.

The content was showcased at VIVE authorized stores nationwide from May 14 to June 15, 2017 for visitors to experience it. We boosted buzz by running the campaign in time for the release in theaters.


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