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Esports Business(GLOE Inc.)

Esports Business(GLOE Inc.)Esports Business(GLOE Inc.)

Providing an updated lifestyle experience through games

GLOE, a Gaming Lifestyle Company

Engaging in a wide range of activities centered on all kinds of support related to games and e-sports including event planning and operations for all platforms (PC, mobile, and console), management and casting of professional gamers, play-by-play operators and streamers, and creation of new businesses utilizing games and e-sports in facility management, educational settings, and regional development.

Spreading HAPPINESS among the people and society through games.

“I'm so glad I stuck with this game for as long as I did."

Learning about the encounters, joy, honor, etc. that can be gained by continuing to play and encounter the moment when anyone can become a hero.

We will actively work to create and witness the moments when as many games and as many players as possible can encounter such excitement.

We will also continue to create a place where players who show us their great gameplay can thrive.

For tournament organizers
Make game tournaments simpler

It is a tournament platform helping organizers to manage events more smoothly from calling for participation through running and supporting tournaments.

Anybody can use it for free to organize a tournament of their favorite game.

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