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Planet Mets decisive match

Planet Mets decisive match

Create original super fighter and make it invincible!

Kirin Beverage's WELCOME! DRAGONBALL WORLD!! is a campaign giving away 3D figures of Dragonball-like original characters.
KAYAC made a proposal and created ""KIRIN Planet Mets decisive match,"" content released as a part of the campaign.

In the site, users can select from seven tribes of Earthlings, Saiyans, Androids, Namek, Supreme Kai, Freeza Clan, and Majin Clan (male and female) and create their own Dragonball-like characters (commonly called super fighters).

Access the campaign site from a smartphone or computer, create an original super fighter, and share it to increase the combat power! And battle with friends to increase the combat power!

Users can also power up characters by purchasing a product: They can significantly boost their original super fighters' combat ability by entering a serial number on the neckringer of Kirin Mets Grapefruit.
It is an unprecedented avatar campaign, making a serial number attached to drink a power-up item.

Original super fighters with the highest combat power are listed on the campaign top page.
KAYAC tried to create game experience that works with social media, providing users with many opportunities to share how good they are, how they applied for participation in a battle, and their battle results.

In addition to ""creating and sharing,"" which is a conventional method for avatar campaigns, KAYAC added ""fostering and fighting"" to create content that boosts the giveaway campaign through Mets.

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