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Kocri: Hybrid blackboard app

Kocri: Hybrid blackboard app

Bring your smartphone to classroom.

Kocri is a hybrid blackboard app combining good aspects of analog and electronic blackboards jointly developed by KAYAC and the established blackboard manufacturer Sakawa.

Along with an existing blackboard in a classroom, teachers can use a smartphone with

Kocri installed as a remote controller for a projector and easily display photos, videos, charts, grid sheets, music sheets, and guided lines on a blackboard. Kocri also features “anywhere document image camera” allowing teachers to take a picture of a student's notebook with their smartphone camera and instantly show it on a blackboard, as well as a function to go back to a blackboard one month ago in a moment.

Electronic blackboards have not been used widely because they are expensive and also because it takes time for teachers to write on a blackboard, which slows down classes.

Kocri will solve these problems. In developing Kocri, we actually visited elementary school and designed it for teachers to use easily. It features black-white reversing function to optimize for projection on a blackboard. Apple TV’s mirroring is employed for projection.

These schemes are patent-pending.

Kocri was unveiled at Education IT Solution EXPO held in Tokyo Big Sight. It was well received and covered by many TV programs. We keep updating it to change the history of blackboard, which had remained unchanged for more than 100 years.

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