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Soto-po! Soto-pre! - Catch escaped Snoopy and friends!

Soto-po! Soto-pre! - Catch escaped Snoopy and friends!

Let's find Snoopy and friends in the park!

Ezaki Glico released an app to promote its highly popular Pocky and Pretz. KAYAC has produced the app in which users look for Snoopy and his friends who escaped from the product packages and catch them in a park.

Catch characters that have escaped from packages!

The app has a map that shows a nearby park where characters are. Players go to a park with a package of eligible products with Soto-po! Soto-pre! logo (Pocky or Pretz) and touch a pin to activate an AR camera. They can hold their smartphone over the package to catch a character that escaped from the package. When they catch it, users take a picture of the package and character and send it with a serial number to enter a campaign to get "go out with Snoopy" goods that are given away to 2,000 selected applicants.

Play with friends in the park!

Besides the character that escaped from the package, many friends are playing in the park. When users catch one character that escaped from a package, they become able to play with other friends in the park and catch them by touching them.

Catch all characters and get wallpaper!

Characters that users catch are collected in albums within the app. Users who collect all characters in Pocky album (18 characters) and Pretz album (15 characters) will get an original wallpaper for each album.

We tried to create an app that makes users want to go to a nearby park with Pocky and Pretz.

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