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Majori-ga is a magic portrait making tool bringing out “kawaii.”

KAYAC worked with Dentsu under TOWAC project to create a limited-time promotional website featuring new gift service by Shiseido’s MAJOLICA MAJORCA. KAYAC was in charge of overall production including building, designing, and installing the Majori-ga website and also designing the Majori-ga cards to be sent in a gift box.

On the website, users can create their portrait and add MAJOLICA MAJORCA magic essence (cosmetics) to complete the magic “Majori-ga” picture that brings out girls’ “kawaii (charm).” All the illustrated parts are done by Akira Uno, one of the leading illustrators in Japan. The number of combination patterns is 4,439,495,401,425,407,154,585,600! Also providing features to adjust positions of parts and to create Majori-ga for two persons side by side, it offers limitless patterns.

Users can put created Majori-ga in a gift box and give it to their friends as one and only gift in the world.

UI/UX in the EDIT screen has been designed to create the consistent world and enable intuitive operation. An enormous number of analog materials by Uno Akira are carefully made into parts and installed to ensure that users can efficiently load nearly 4,000 part images including magic essence (cosmetics) image data and work on it smoothly on their smartphones. The server is designed to ensure that it can handle huge traffic.

In the first six days of release (including the day of release), more than 1.2 million Majori-ga were created. Many users are enjoying the content mainly on SNS.

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