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VR Zushi

VR Zushi

What? XX becomes fatty tuna!?

KAYAC created VR content simulating rare experience of having expensive sushi at a sushi counter.

When you wear a VR head-mounted display, a sushi cook makes fatty tuna sushi for you at a classy sushi restaurant in the virtual space. It looks tasty…, but it is actually avocado .CG creates an experience as if you were eating fatty tuna.

People who experienced VR Zushi have diverse reactions.

Some people really thought that they had eaten fatty tuna instead of avocado.

Others said that, while they did not know what they were eating until they put it in their mouth, it was interesting to put something in the mouth in the virtual reality setting because the tongue expected something tasty.

The project challenged our five senses and explored how vision could trick our sense of taste.

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