Moenavi audio tour guide app released for learning history and town of Kamakura with cute voice!


Walk around the town of Kamakura with a cute high school girl & butler!

KAYAC releases Moenavi, an audio tour guide app for learning history and town of Kamakura, at App Store


KAYAC has released the Moenavi series of apps at App Store.

With the help of koebu, a voice community site that Kayac operates, voice actors offer original guidance of the town of Kamakura, where Kayac is headquartered.

Moenavi comes in two versions: “Moenavi -Kamakura Girl-” with the voice of a cute high school girl, and “Moenavi -Kamakura Man-” with the voice of an affected butler.

GPS detects location when a user approaches one of about 40 preset spots in Kamakura while the app is activated.

And a user can hear the audio sight-seeing information such as history and building information.

Because many tourists visit Kamakura from overseas, the app is available also in English.

If a language other than Japanese is selected in the iPhone setting, a user can enjoy Moenavi texts and audio in English.

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