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KAYAC's Hyper-Casual Games Has Surpassed 1 Billion Downloads


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KAYAC Inc is pleased to announce that the total downloads of all 28 titles of hyper-casual games produced and distributed by KAYAC has exceeded 1 billion downloads worldwide. As of 2023, KAYAC has been the top Japanese company for three consecutive years in terms of the number of downloads of its published apps.

■ The Total Downloads Surpassed 1 Billion in 4 Years and 3 Months Since the Release of the First Title.

KAYAC's game division, a key part of its business, has been developing and publishing social games for the Japanese market for over 10 years, including the "Bokura no Koshien!" series, which has accumulated over 10 million downloads. For the past five years, we have also been leveraging our strengths in agility, planning, and development to develop and publish hyper-casual games.
The hyper-casual game team, with a strength in its seamless approach from development to marketing, is releasing hit after hit. The team was founded in 2019, starting with four members and now numbering around 30. Since launching their first game, "Park Master," in November 2019, they have achieved a total of 1 billion downloads in about 4 years and 3 months. This creator group, where members gather to ''create games with enjoyment’ while respecting each other's initiative, is the hyper-casual game team of KAYAC."

■ Comments from the Hyper Casual Games Team

Having been downloaded and played over a billion times worldwide is an unimaginable scale of achievement, especially when we think back to mere five years ago when we started this venture. It has now become the core business of KAYAC, delivering significant results. However, it is precisely because of this success that we want to make sure that we don’t lose our roots. We are an organization that is committed to working while having fun and creating interesting things. During a time when we were struggling with new businesses in social games and feeling a sense of stagnation, we strongly felt the desire to 'make creating games more enjoyable!' That's when we began to focus on the model of hyper-casual games, where each person can quickly create games with their own ideas. We want to continue cherishing the attitude of creating games joyfully, as it has led us to the achievement of a billion downloads.

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