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The Kanagawa "SDGs Tsunagari Point Project" using the community currency "Our town Coins" initial service starts in Odawara on March 24th.


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ー Striving for town revitalization with high school student "SDGs evangelists" ー

Cooperating with Kanagawa prefecture and the city of Odawara, KAYAC Inc. is officially launching the Kanagawa "SDGs Tsunagari Point Project" which utilizes the community currency service "Our town Coins" developed by KAYAC from this summer. Prefacing the full introduction, an initial service will start from February 24th around Odawara station and in the Hayakawa district.

In order to attain the SDGs, the project was started by Kanagawa prefecture with the objective of, through points, directly and indirectly encourage the participation of citizens, stores, and companies in activities for solving social issues in the region as well as strive toward revitalizing the region and making SDGs their personal issue. Based on the results from the demonstration in Kamakura between November and December last year, a part of Odawara will be the target of the initial service where the area of the service will be expanded and leading into the full-scale introduction.
With the concept of "Odawara: where the future generation act as SDG evangelists," Odawara, chosen for both SDGs city of the future and local government SDGs model business, puts focus on high school students to make SDGs a personal issue by using "SDGs Tsunagari Points" and to advocate it to other people. For a seamless transition from initial service to full-scale introduction, you can download the community currency - "Our town Coins" app from the App Store or Google Play which can be used even after the introduction.

 KAYAC, headquartered in Kamakura, is disseminating the concept of "Kamakura capitalism," which views distinctively regional charms as assets. "Our town Coins" is a community currency that encourages connections toward regional communities as "regional social capital" and makes people closer, the more they use it. The currency aims to connect people more to make them more attached to that region and strives to solve regional social issues and contribute to the activation of the regional economy through it.

Odawara initial-service overview

Objective: SDGs are establishing the 17 global goals achieved by 2030. Instead of having a future envisioned only by adults, the aim of Odawara city is having the next generation to envision the future to treat SDGs as their personal issue and, through SDGs, map the future of Odawara, revitalizing the city with concrete action.
Period: March 24th, 2020 to Summer of 2020
Project announcement and initial service starts on February 24th as a "SDGs Experience Project" during the city's "SDGs Week" starting from February 16th.
Where to use: Stores around Odawara station and in Hayakawa district
How to use: Download the community currency - "Our town Coins" app

Many opinions from demonstration experiment in Kamakura show easier participation in SDGs activities

During a 4-week demonstration experiment conducted in Onari, Kamakura, approximately 800 people* participated in food loss measures and regional activities such as beach cleanups. A post-demonstration participant survey revealed the opinions such as "it became easier to participate in SDGs-related activities and regional activities" and "I was motivated in contributing to SDGs fulfillment and the region even more than before," which showing that the project can be expected to contribute in making SDGs their persona issue.

Period: November 21st, 2019 to December 21st, 2019
Where to use: 22 stores and organizations in Kamakura
Participants: approx. 800 (* number of app users)
Total distribution: approx. 2,5 mil Qruppo (Kamakura point unit; 1 Qruppo = 1 JPY)

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