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Client Work


Experience after-school dating simulation and enjoy the scene of launch into outer space! Oculus implementation cases

Client Work

KAYAC has recently worked on some event contents using Oculus Rift
head-mounted display providing 360-degree view in virtual reality (VR).

Here are two works among them:

●Meiji Essel Super Cap campaign


In July 2014, a gigantic ice cream cup appeared in midsummer
town of Shibuya.
It was probably the first promotional event in Japan using Oculus outdoors.
The highlight was a content allowing visitors to experience
an after-school classroom dating simulation using Oculus.

See sample videos on the special website:

●Promotion booth for anime “Knights of Sidonia”


At Anime Festa in Tokorozawa (August 13 (Wed) – September 29 (Sun)),
visitors to the booth of TV anime Knights of Sidonia can enjoy a content
that reproduces the scene of the launch of a spacecraft.


It offers high-resolution, comfortable virtual experience
using recently released Oculus Rift DK2.

The 3D model data and 5.1-channel surround sound have been
reproduced just like the original version.

Visit the official website for more details!

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