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Group chat app nakamap renamed “Lobi - Chat & Game Community -”


Group chat app nakamap renamed “Lobi - Chat & Game Community -”
Over 30 companies now employ SDK for social games

KAYAC Inc. (head office: Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa; Representative Director and CEO: Daisuke Yanasawa; hereinafter called “KAYAC”) has changed the name of nakamap, a group chat app run by KAYAC, to “Lobi - Chat & Game Community -” (hereinafter called “Lobi”).

■ Change of name to Lobi
(Before change) nakamap
(After change) Lobi - Chat & Game Community -

■ Overview and future outlook of Lobi
nakamap was released in December 2010 at App Store and Google Play as a communication app using positional information. In 2012, KAYAC released a free SDK for developers to offer chat functions mainly in social games. The number of subscribers to the Lobi network has exceeded three million, and the SDK has been employed in games of over 30 companies.

“Lobi” derives its name from the gaming term “lobby.” KAYAC plans to expand functions that enhance the enjoyment of playing games, including a feature that allows game players to get together and exchange hints and tips, a guild chat function that works with Lobi SDK to allow users to formulate a strategy with specific team members, and a group chat function that can be used during raid battles, where players cooperate to beat a boss.

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