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Wellplayed Rizest Inc., a subsidiary of KAYAC Inc. announces approval of its listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth Market


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Aiming to contribute to the development of the e-sports market as a general e-sports trading company.

KAYAC Inc((HQ: Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture; Managing Director and CEO: Daisuke Yanasawa; TSE Growth: 3904) announces that Wellplayed Rizest Inc.(HQ: Shinjuku, Tokyo; MD & President: Yuya Tanida, Kyohei Takao, Akihito Furusawa), a subsidiary of the KAYAC Group, was approved to be enlisted in the Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth Market as of Tuesday, October 25, 2022. The listing is scheduled for Wednesday, November 30, 2022, bearing the securities code 9565.
In February 2021, Wellplayed Rizest, a general e-sports trading company was created through the merger of Wellplayed, a company engaging in the planning & operations of events and competitions of all genres related to e-sports, as well as video production & streaming, and Rizest, a company engaging in production & broadcasting of e-sports related programming using the latest in cutting edge broadcasting technologies along with management and promotion of e-sports competitions & leagues. With the mission of “believing in the power of e-sports to create value and change the world” the company is working to further develop the industry by realizing new business opportunities & areas of development and continuous growth by securing an overwhelming presence in the process.
Since its inception, KAYAC has been creating various services and contents that amaze and inspire users based on its management philosophy of "boosting the number of people who create”. In recent years, KAYAC has been actively pursuing M&A and investment activities in the e-sports domain, which it considers to be one of its priority areas. In addition to its own business "Tonamel,"an in-house e-sports tournament hosting & management tool, it has also acquired Wellplayed Rizest Inc., a company continuously increasing its presence in the e-sports industry as a general e-sports trading company; Gemutore Inc., a company which provides a service to learn games from a game trainer; and eSP, a company that operates an e-sports school in its umbrella.
Going forward, the KAYAC Group will continue to leverage synergies across the entire group to foster an ecosystem in the e-sports domain, while aiming to strengthen competitiveness and increase corporate value.
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【Overview of Wellplayed Rizest Inc.】

Company name:Wellplayed Rizest
Address:6F Grand First Shinjuku-Gyoen, 22-1 Daikyo-cho, Shinjuku, Tokyo
Established:19th Nov 2015
Managing Directors:Yuya Tanida, Kyohei Takao, Akihito Furusawa
Business:Planning, production, operation, consulting, streaming, promotion, facility management, etc. related to e-sports

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