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Wellplayed, a leader in the esports industry merged with RIZeST.


Press Releases

Wellplayed Rizest Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Yuya Tanida, Kyohei Takao, Akihito Furusawa, hereinafter "Wellplayed Rizest"), a pioneer who continues to create the esports scene, concluded the contract between Wellplayed and RIZeST on November 27, 2020 (Friday), and started as Wellplayed Rizest from today, February 1, 2021 (Monday).

Wellplayed Rizest, as an esports synthetical commercial company, is established in February 2021 by the merger with Wellplayed, which has been planning and managing events and competitions of all genres producing and distributing videos, and RIZeST, who has been producing and streaming esports events, managing and promoting tournaments and leagues by adopting the most advanced live streaming technologies.

With the mission of "Believe in esports power, Create value, and Change the world", Wellplayed Rizest aims to contribute to the further development of the industry by realizing new business opportunities and scales, continuous growth, and securing an overwhelming presence, as the strongest leading esports company in Japan.

Business introduction

Wellplayed Rizest will focus on the following businesses.

1. Event planning and operating
Utilizing the knowledge we have cultivated through the planning and operating of community events and Japan's largest esports competition since the dawn of esports, we can make a wide range of proposals under various conditions such as the holding period, online and or offline. In addition, we can handle fair and smooth tonaments operation and live streaming all at once.

2. Influencer marketing
We provide comprehensive marketing support through proposals including casting of influencers such as YouTuber and Live Streamers who are active in the esports industry, professional esports players belonging to well-played risers, and commentators.

3. Activities for the community
We provide services for no matter online or offline events, such as corporate recreation utilizing esports for in-house social gatherings or sports events, events that combine the sports like soccer and baseball with esports, and events aimed at regional revitalization and attracting customers to the region.

4. Facility design and operation
We make a wide range of proposals from facility design to equipment selection, with our achievements and know-hows which comes from the facilities' start-up and operation, such as Japan's first esports facility "e-sports SQUARE" (Akihabara), and Japan's largest digital education facility "REDEE" (Osaka).

5. Education business
Producers from Welplayed RIZeST who have been involved in esports event planning and operating, community activities, and facility startup will give lectures and support human resource development through the provision of educational materials.

Click here for work consultation: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeI2HrOiK8W-L3qymOGgj10l1-hKieM-elUIAy0LrvRB4khPQ/viewform

Achievements of Wellplayed RIZeST companies

With the mission of "making esports sustainable, cultural, economic, and social", RIZeST has been engaged in esports program production, live streaming, tournament / league management, and promotion. Since 2011, RIZeST has operated Japan's first esports facility "esports SQUARE" (* 1), created and operated more than 180 events and contents annually, provided know-how in esports production through RIZeST Academy and live streaming technologies to solve the problems, give the solutions.

Meanwhile, Wellplayed, with the philosophy of "affirmation to play games, enthusiasm for watching games, and more citizenship for games", has been planned, operated and broadcasted esports events, managed esports playsers, and engaged as a media business that conveys the appeal of esports. In August 2019, Wellplayed held "Well Played Festival" so that anyone can enjoy esports, and in March 2020, built Japan's largest digital educational facility "REDEE" to acquire a wide range of knowledge and skills through game experiences, who has been engaged in activities to convey the appeal of esports to a wide range of people.

(* 1) Operated by SANKO esports division from 2011 to 2016.

Wellplayed Rizest Company Profile

Company name Wellplayed Rizest
URL https://wellplayed-rizest.jp/
Location Harajuku OM Building 2F, 3-13-7 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
設立 November 19, 2015
代表取締役 Yuya Tanida, Kyohei Takao, Akihito Furusawa
事業内容 Planning, production, management, consulting, distribution, promotion, edicational, operation of facility, etc. related to esports

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