Who will get the world’s number one!? Worldwide HTML5 Exam released


Check your skills of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript! The 2nd Annual Worldwide HTML5 Exam now available in “jsdo.it”, the coders’ community with 40,000 frontend engineers.

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KAYAC Inc. released “The 2nd Annual Worldwide HTML5 Exam”, an online test to measure HTML5 coding skills on browsers. In this free exam, users can check their skills while aiming to be ranked high in the worldwide ranking.

“The 2nd Annual Worldwide HTML5 Exam” has been implemented in cooperation with DeNA Co., Ltd., Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd., and Google Japan Inc.

■The course of your choice is now available on smartphone - “The 2nd Annual Worldwide HTML5 Exam”
“The 2nd Annual Worldwide HTML5 Exam” has the new “iOS/Android” Course focusing on smartphone technologies as well as the HTML/CSS Course and JavaScript Course. All courses are available on smartphone as well as PC. The test score as well as a deviation score and ranking will be shown after the exam.

  • The first exam was held September 2012, and over 10,000 people took it.

“The 2nd Annual Worldwide HTML5 Exam”
URL : http://jsdo.it/event/html5cat/2012/autumn
Period : October 18, 2012 –
Questions Produced by KAYAC Inc., Pixel Grid, Inc.
Editorial Supervision by Futomi Hatano (Administrator of HTML.JP), Shunpei Shiraishi (Administrator of html5j.org), DeNA Co., Ltd.

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