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jsdo.it now supports CoffeeScript and JSX!


jsdo.it, a community for posting and sharing JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS, now supports CoffeeScript and JSX

Kayac started supporting JSX and CoffeeScript, new languages that compile into JavaScript, on jsdo.it - Share JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS – (http://jsdo.it, hereinafter called jsdo.it), a community run by Kayac for posting and sharing of JavaScript, HTML5,and CSS source codes.

jsdo.it is a community site that provides frond-end engineers and web engineers with the opportunity to share their knowledge and technologies. Currently, about 42,000 front-end engineers participate in jsdo.it., and codes of over 100,000 works have been posted and shared. Besides posting and sharing of source codes, jsdo.it offers the Fork function,which allows users to rewrite source codes (works) posted by others. One source code can be developed into various derivative works.

Newly supported JSX and CoffeeScript are languages that compile into JavaScript before execution. JSX is attracting attention as a language that generates a code that runs faster than a code written in JavaScript through advanced optimization, eliminating complicated specifications of JavaScript. CoffeeScript is popular because of the simple syntax, and it has an influence on the next-generation ECMAScript.

See the official jsdo.it blog about how to use JSX and CoffeeScript on jsdo.it.

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