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Total number of downloads across 11 hyper casual game titles exceeded 500 million!


〜Achieved in approximately 2 years and 9 months since "Park Master" began distribution on November 19, 2019.〜

KAYAC Inc is pleased to announce that the cumulative downloads of all 11 hyper casual games created and distributed by them have reached 500 million downloads worldwide in approximately 2 years and 9 months since the first title was released.

Cumulative total of 100 million downloads in the first year of distribution and 500 million downloads in less than 3 years

KAYAC began distribution of its hyper-casual smartphone games for the first time in the United States on November 19, 2019, that anyone can easily enjoy, regardless of nationality, age, or gender.

The first title, "Park Master," a puzzle game in which users park cars by drawing lines with their fingers, began distribution in Japan in December 2019, post which, it was ranked No. 1 in free downloads in both the United States and Japan (as of January 27, 2020). The company continued to distribute titles sequentially, and in 2021 it ranked first among Japanese companies in the global app downloads ranking announced by Sensor Tower for number of app downloads. In the same year, the company also won the "Best Japanese Hyper-Casual Publisher" award at the Sensor Tower APAC Awards.
The 10th action game "Draw Saber" which was released in April 2022, also ranked No. 1 in the Google Play US free game rankings (as of April 10, 2022). In the first year of distribution, three games reached 100 million downloads, and now, in less than three years, 11 games have surpassed 500 million downloads.

Comments from the Hyper Casual Games Team

“The fact that our games have been downloaded and played more than 500 million times worldwide is a blessing that would have been unimaginable 3 years ago when we were secretly creating game prototypes like an after-school activity. However, the environment surrounding hyper casual games has rapidly changed, grown, and saturated over the past 3 years thus, we think publishers and developers are looking ahead to the next era. We will continue to create games under the motto of ‘Make the world obsessed with games’ so please look forward to seeing more in the future!”

KAYAC’s Game Entertainment Division

The Game Entertainment Division, one of KAYAC's core businesses, develops and operates social games such as the "Bokura no Koshien!” series, which has been downloaded more than 10 million times in total, is also involved in developing and operating hyper-casual games with simple mechanics and a small number of developers. With its strength in mobility, planning, and technology, the company is one of the few companies in the game industry to develop and operate both social games and hyper-casual games, which differ in scale in terms of development time and costs. On top of being a development partner of Mirrativ, the company has also entered the live gaming market for the first time and is currently developing a live game scheduled for release in the summer of 2022.
With its management philosophy of "boosting the number of creators", KAYAC respects the autonomy of its creators and aims to help improve their ideas and technical skills to create new games, such as by providing time during work hours to freely create self-produced games and opportunities for sharing within the company.

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