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Papillon Inc, a provider of e-sports tournament tools targeting Southeast Asia, now a subsidiary.


~ Aiming to find overseas markets for its e-sports business by integrating its services with “Tonamel”, one of Japan's largest tools for organizing and managing tournaments. ~

KAYAC Inc ((HQ : Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Managing Director and CEO :柳澤⼤輔、TSE Growth: 3904) announces that it will acquire all shares of Papillon Inc. by October 31, making Papillon a subsidiary of KAYAC. With this acquisition, the number of operating companies under the KAYAC Group is expected to increase to 16.

To expand its e-sports business into overseas markets, the company KAYAC will consider merging Papillon and integrating its tool “e-players” used for organizing e-sports tournaments into KAYAC’s own e-sports tournament organizing tool Tonamel.

Objective: To make Tonamel a world-class tournament platform

Since its inception, KAYAC has been invested in creating various services and contents that surprise and inspire users based on its management philosophy of "increasing the number of people who create”. In recent years, KAYAC has been actively pursuing M&A and investment activities in the e-sports domain, which it considers to be one of its priority fields. In addition to its own business, Tonamel (e-sports tournament management tool), KAYAC also owns Wellplayed Rizest Inc., a company increasing its presence in the e-sports industry as a general e-sports trading company; GEMUTORE Co. Ltd., a company offering services related to learning games from game trainers; and eSP Co. Ltd, which operates an e-sports school.

Founded in 2019, Papillon Inc, the operator of the e-sports tournament organizing tool ~e-players~ developed the tool with the vision: “a society where gameplay is applauded". Based on the concept of "making the management of e-sports tournaments easier", Papillon has been actively communicating with tournament organizers, participants, and other users to improve the service, which has led to significant growth in the Southeast Asian market.

By the addition of Papillon into the group, KAYAC aims to combine the resources, knowledge and know-how related to e--sports possessed by both parties and strengthen the group's overall competitiveness in the e-sports field along with improving enterprise value. There are plans to merge ~e-players~ into Tonamel, developing it into a world-class e-sports tournament platform.

■ About Tonamel

Based on the concept of "empowering tournament organizers," Tonamel is a tool that allows anyone to easily organize and manage e-sports tournaments right from creation of participant recruitment pages to the management of the tournament table and the announcement of results. In addition to single and double-elimination tournaments, Swiss Draw and free-for-all tournaments can also be managed. The system is available in Japanese, English, & Korean and is currently being used in a variety of domestic and international tournaments. Based on the size of the tournament and other specific conditions, tournament organizers and participants are offered prizes under the "Certified Tournament Support” program.


【Papillon Inc.】
Company Name : Papillon Inc.
Established : 3rd December 2019
Managing Director: Ryogo Tsuzuki
Address : Hiraikechou 4-60-12, Nakamura ward, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan, ZIP: 453-0872
Business: eSports tournament management tool “e-players”
Capital: 10,000,000 Million

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