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“Attack on Titan TACTICS” - a new game app of TV Animation “Attack on Titan” – available in App Store and Google Play from today!


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KAYAC INC. (head office: Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa; Representative Director & CEO: Daisuke Yanasawa) and DeNA Co., Ltd. (head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Isao Moriyasu) has started app distribution of “Attack on Titan TACTICS” - a new smart phone game app of TV Animation “Attack on Titan” (©Hajime Isayama/KODANSHA LTD.) on Thursday, April 18th. Celebrating it, we are having “Release Celebration Campaign” including “Cadet Buildup Campaign” that gives you max. 70 free crystals inside the app. In addition to that, 5-star units “Captain Levi (Voice: Hiroshi Kamiya)” and “Levi Squd Oruo Bozad (Voice: Shinji Kawata)“ are featured in “Release Celebration Gacha”.


"About “Attack on Titan TACTICS”

“Attack on Titan TACTICS” is a titan-expelling wargame of TV Animation “Attack on Titan”. You use characters such as “Eren Jaeger”, “Mikasa Ackermann” and “Armin Arlelt” to challenge to the existential war against titans. Characters in the game come up with fully new illustrations and newly recorded voices by voice actors from TV animation series. You can boost all the characters’ rarity to the maximum in the game. In addition to those, another strong appealing point is that there are original stories you can only enjoy inside the game."

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“Release Celebration Campaign” on NOW! Level up characters to get free “Crystals”!!

"Celebrating the release of the game, we are having “Release Celebration Campaigns” inside the game. In the campaign, you can receive “Crystals” by leveling up 4-star “Cadet Corps Eren Jaeger (Voice: Yuki Kaji)” and 3-star “Cadet Corps Armin Arlelt (Voice: Marina Inoue)” and clearing certain missions. You can get required characters and weapons for it by finishing tutorial parts of the game. By finishing all the missions, you can receive 70 “Crystals” in maximum. With “Crystals”, you can try Gacha, recover Deployment Power and do many other things.

"Get up to 300 “Crystals”! “Panel Challenges” in session now!

“Panel Challenges” event is on mission from Thursday, April 18. In this “Panel Challenges”, there are 9 challenges on the panels, and you can receive “Mercenary Points” for “Mercenary Gacha”, “EXP Gems” for boosting characters and so on by completing each challenge. In addition to that, by finishing all the challenges, you can also get 300 “Crystals”."

“New Recruit Support Login Bonus” now in progress!


"Currently, we are having “Login Bonus” and ”New Recruit Support Login Bonus” campaigns. In “Login Bonus” campaign, you can receive 20 “Crystals” on the 7th day, also “Mercenary Points” and “Skip Tickets” which you can use to skip stages you have already cleared on the earlier days. ”New Recruit Support Login Bonus” campaign gives you up to 300 “Crystals” within 7days of logging in.

Introducing 5-star unit “Captain Levi” and “Levi Squd Oruo Bozad” - “Release Celebration Gacha” available now!"


5-star units “Captain Levi” and “Levi Squd Oruo Bozad” is featured in “Release Celebration Gacha”. You can try this Gacha by using “Crystals”. Please check more details in the Gacha page inside the app.

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