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Brain Storming Card on sale now!! Cards that make KAYAC style brain storming available to everybody.


"All the KAYAC’s projects, various ideas and contents are coming from “Brain Storming”. Here, for the first time, we made this KAYAC style idea-generation method into a card game.

“Brain Storming” is a meeting method in which several persons putting out their ideas to each other. By using KAYAC’s “Brian Storming Card”, you can generate ideas with fun in a similar flow which KAYAC creators are utilizing. You can use it in meetings at business scenes and for idea-output training. In addition to that, it is also good for teamwork improvement and brain exercises.

“Brian Storming Card” is consisted of 100 illustration cards and 7 “On Chips” which are made for the development of “On Skills” toward ideas coming from other people. It is designed to support brain storming beginners to easily generate ideas and brain storming experts to train themselves with fun."


"There are two things that KAYAC considers to be important in brain storming. One is the emphasis on idea’s quantity, not quality. The other is to get on with the other people’s idea. These two principles are set in to Brain Storming Card rules.

This time, Seiko Gakuin High School tried a brain storming session using “Brain Storming Card” at their class.

They chose to have a theme of unprecedented “New Tabaco” product ideas since they recently discussed about the smoking issues in other classes. Students pick up a card and instantly put out an idea in association with the illustration by turn. If any other student thinks it’s a good idea, they can put a “On Tip” on the card and spontaneously add his/her idea to improve it."


Students who joined in this class gave us the feedback like “It enables us to do brain storming in a game-like way”, “Since I have to put out an idea immediately after drawing a card, it requires me to use and train my brain in a good way.”, “I was deeply attracted in to the game and ideas came out from me endlessly.” and so on.

Mr. Takaaki Satou - an English teacher in the high school – shared to us as below.

“We have been already using brain storming inside classes and our debate club. What’s good about KAYAC’s Brain Storming Card is that it enables us to do brain storming with fun. We can achieve brain-storming-oriented way of thinking naturally by enjoying it as a game.

Seiko Gakuin High School is accredited as SSH (=Super Science High school) and has just started its program called inquiry learning. Students need to set their theme, inquire it and make a presentation about it. Finding their own theme is not that easy, but using these things like Brain Storming Card and putting light on their daily life from a little bit different direction can lead them into the theme they want to inquire about, I think.”

We are holding workshops in which our staffs are lecturing brain storming methods and techniques so please contact us for the request!!

Brain Storming Card
For ages 10 and up
Number of players: 4-7
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