KAYAC will release its new title, POCKET FOOTBALLER", | KAYAC



KAYAC will release its new title, POCKET FOOTBALLER", worldwide in 2015!"


Come unite, 3.5 billion football fans!

KAYAC will release its new title, "POCKET FOOTBALLER", worldwide in 2015!
A pre-registration campaign to obtain a super-powered uniform and a Facebook campaign are underway!Kamakura Japan, KAYAC Inc. will release their new title, "Pocket Footballer", a Cooperative Sports RPG worldwide in 2015 (for iOS and Android devices). Accordingly, a pre-registration campaign will begin on the official site (https://games.kayac.com/pf/en/) from May 13 (Wednesday).

"POCKET FOOTBALLER" is a soccer game which will be released worldwide. The game is a Cooperative Sports RPG where players act as one soccer player, not a coach, and create club teams with other players, working together to become a dominating club.

Intense league matches occur daily

A key to victory is strategy meetings with teammates. Joining teams with real friends and conducting elaborate strategy meetings may even increase the chance of victory!
Beyond the League Championships, the match to determine the strongest club in the world against famed champion clubs awaits!

Send an avatar of your own design out on the pitch!

Create your own avatar by deciding hair, face, and skin colour! You can make it look like yourself or one of your favourite stars and get into the game!

This title will kickoff worldwide!

Available in 10 languages (subject to change), you can create teams with players worldwide, or create teams with players from your country to face other national leagues. Enjoy soccer with players from around the world!

[Pre-Registration Campaign Overview]

All who pre-register will start off the game with special "Blue Lightning Series" items, and, on top of that, 50 selected participants will receive an Amazon Gift Card (valued at £50)!

[Facebook Campaign Overview]

All players will receive special presents based on the total number of Likes on the official Facebook fan page!
1,000 Likes Reached: Players will receive 500 Gold to be used for a Rare Lottery.
5,000 Likes Reached: 1,500 Gold
10,000 Likes Reached: 3,500 Gold

Official Facebook Account: https://www.facebook.com/pocketfootballer.en

Enjoy "POCKET FOOTBALLER" and experience true friendship online!
Detailed information will continue to be announced in the future.

[KAYAC Company Summary]
Company Name: KAYAC Inc.
URL: http://www.kayac.com/en/
Address: Kamakura Syunjyu Square 2F, 2-14-7 Komachi, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa 248-0006 Japan
Established: January 21, 2005
Representative Directors: Daisuke Yanasawa, Masanori Kaihata, Tomoyoshi Kuba
Business Description: Fun-loving creative business

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KAYAC Inc.Public Relations
Rumi Akashi
Email promo@kayac.com
Phone: +81-45-664-3966

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