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New publication media Paberish now available!


The Paberish app for Web & iPhone has been released! This new publication media allows individuals to compile their expert knowledge, technologies, and secrets into a digital book for free and publish it.


KAYAC Inc. has released Paberish, a service allowing individuals to easily compile their expert knowledge, technologies, secrets, and experience in a digital mini book (hereinafter called a Scroll Book) and publish it at a special store.

Paberish is a free electronic publication service for individuals. Using a special editor, users can compile expert technologies and knowledge that they have accumulated in their blogs as well as special experience and secret information that nobody knows and sell it as a Scroll Book through the store app Paberish, which is available at App Store, at 85 yen or higher without going through a publisher. Those who purchase the book can read it on the Paberish app.

[Highlights of Paberish]
・Individuals who engage in unique activities mainly deliver expert knowledge and technologies.
・Scroll Books can be made better through updates. Authors can decide book prices and when to publish a book. They can also stop selling their book and resume sales after updating it.

[How to publish/buy books on Paberish]
◎How to publish a book on Paberish
1) Log on to using Facebook account.
2) Edit information to publish using the editor, decide the price, and submit application.
3) After two to seven days of screening by Apple, the Scroll Book is made available on the store app Paberish.
4) When somebody buys the Scroll Book, the author earns 40% of the selling price. Authors can receive payment when the total amount exceeds 2000 yen.

  • When releasing a Scroll Book for the first time, the writer of the book needs to be approved as an author by collecting 10 persons who “wish to read” the Scroll Book. The writer can collect “wish to read” on the store app Paberish.

◎How to read a book on Paberish
1) Download the store app Paberish from App Store.
2) Select a Scroll Book, and buy it using the App Store account.
3) The purchased Scroll Book is downloaded to the library in the app.

[Future plan]
After release, we are considering partnering with educational institutions as well as special organizations/media in order to deliver more expert knowledge and technologies. We plan to offer import/export functions supporting html, markdown, and EPUB formats, and enable simultaneous publication with other e-book publication services such as Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and Kobo Writing Life. We will also release in the near future an editor API to help third parties develop their own editors. The store app is expected to be updated in mid December, in which expanded library functions such as bookmark within Scroll Books and support for iPad will be available.

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