We all worked in Italy for three months. (On-the-Move Office | KAYAC




We all worked in Italy for three months. (On-the-Move Office 2008)


As in 2006, KAYAC’s On-the-Move Office 2008 again took place in Italy’s Firenze, a city of art and tradition.

We rented a place in the suburbs, about 20 min. from the city center by bus.

The space served for accommodation and as an office and we worked at this “On-the-Move Office” for about 2.5 months.

We purchased lots of fresh provisions and cooked in turn.

Thanks to the excellent local fare, all dishes were delicious.

We worked hard despite the temptations of being away from Japan.

*What is “On-the-Move Office”?

In order to prove that the Internet enables us to work anywhere, we set up temporary offices in different locations inside and outside Japan according to our employees’ wishes.

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