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KAYAC introduces Ego Search Recruitment, hiring people based on search results without need for resume



KAYAC is introducing Ego Search Recruitment, which allows candidates to apply only with a search word.

More candidates now include URLs for their blogs and creative works in their entry sheet and share relevant websites in an interview.
For those who are in the web industry and who offer information on the web on a daily basis, ego search results show the very history of their activities and they represent who they are more than a resume.

Therefore, KAYAC decided to implement Ego Search Recruitment, a screening process based on Google search results instead of a resume.

The only information required is a search word that represents a candidate and that is listed at the top of Google search. Candidates can apply with a search word such as their name, blog title, and name of a creative work.

KAYAC’s human resources staff will do search with the words provided by candidates, and get back to them with the review result. We are looking forward to your application.

Application website


Recruitment period

No deadline

Application category

New graduates/ summer internship/ mid-career employment

Available positions:

The following three positions are available:
Engineer/ Designer/ Director

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