Playing using smartphone and corrugated cardboard! “Danbokko | KAYAC

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Playing using smartphone and corrugated cardboard! “Danbokko Kitchen” toy

Client Work

Danbokko is KAYAC’s smart toy series.
A project for Danbokko Kitchen, the first in series,
has been launched on Makuake cloud funding site.

When a user launches the iPhone app and puts it
on the cutting board, fry pan, and saucepan made
of corrugated cardboard,
Danbokko Kitchen delivers cooking experience
with diverse authentic recipes including hamburg,
omelette rice, and pot-au-feu.

When a spatula is used, vegetables are fried,
and when a lid is closed, the steam comes out.
With sound and texture, it gives realistic cooking experience
not only for children but for parents as well.
More recipes will be added through app updates.
You will never get tired of using the app.

Danbokko Kitchen

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