We are holding in-house Friday Road Show" Ψ(Θ)_(Θ)Ψ" | KAYAC



We are holding in-house Friday Road Show" Ψ(Θ)_(Θ)Ψ"


KAYAC holds a monthly in-house event called "Friday Road Show."

In this event, we give sales reports, share information about the amount of bonus employees receive every three months,and commend teams that did a good job.

At Friday Road Show, employees can ask frank questions to the management team. At the event held last month, an employee asked representative director a question about KAYAC's philosophy "Creating and Connecting:"

"Recently, KAYAC does not seem to be fostering creators."

Another employee made a request about infrastructure:

"Please further enrich employee benefits."

Friday Road Show sometimes turns into a brainstorming session.

We will continue this event as an opportunity for unvarnished discussions in addition to residential training and interviews.

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