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Must-see stamp store for creators opens in Nakamap


A stamp store opened in the group chat app Nakamap where creators can sell stamps! – Distributing mainly stamps of animation and game characters -

KAYAC Inc. opened a stamp store in its Nakamap group chat app, where stamps of popular game, animation, and cartoon characters are offered. At this stamp store, creators can sell stamps of their original characters as well.

Features of Nakamap stamp store

■Creators’ original stamps are offered
Creators, regardless of corporation or individual, can offer stamps that are used in Nakamap chat. Stamps can be distributed in the following three forms:

(1) Charged stamps
Stamps will be sold as a downloadable form. Creators can sell a set of 16 stamps to users. They will receive a predetermined portion of proceeds from sale of the stamps.
(2) Free stamps
Creators can offer free stamps to users for a limited time.
(3) As an app set (available only for developers using Nakamap SDK)
Creators can offer free stamps for an app supporting Nakamap SDK to users who have downloaded the app.

■How to offer original stamps at stamp store
(1) Creators create stamps, and send the stamps and stamp information to the Nakamap development team.
(2) After screening by the Nakamap development team, stamps become available at the store when ready.
(3) The Nakamap development team will notify creators of the number of downloads in the following month.
Payment to creators will be made after the receipt of payment by Nakamap from stamp delivery platforms (App Store/Google Play). For details about stamp creation, contact the Nakamap development team (

  • Stamps that have failed to pass the screening should be rescreened after modification based on feedback.

▼About Nakamap

Nakamap is KAYAC’s group chat app that works with the positional information supported on iPhone, Android devices, and featured phones. It has been downloaded in 54 countries all over the world and used by over 390,000 subscribers. It supports Japanese and English.
App store
Google play
Supported devices: iOS and Android smartphones, featured phones
Supported OS: iOS 4.0 or higher, Android OS 1.6 or higher

▼About Nakamap SDK

Nakamap SDK provides a real-time messaging function, which is the major Nakamap feature, for free. Developers can add the group chat function by incorporating it in their smartphone apps, allowing users to communicate with each other when using the apps.
Nakamap SDK is available on the website for developers.
Nakamap website for developers:
Supported OS: iOS 4.0 or higher, Android OS 2.2 or higher


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