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“Bound Monsters,” a bounce battle RPG for smartphones is released!


Today, “Bound Monsters,” a bounce battle RPG for smartphones is released.

This game was developed by KAYAC for the new smartphone service, Bushimo (URL: http://www.bushimo.jp/), provided by Bushiroad Inc.

Users pull and release “Boumon” so that “Boumon” sends a bouncing ball to eliminate enemy monsters.

This is an exciting bounce battle RPG similar to pinball games.

“Boumon” is the nickname of unique bound monsters which live only on Boumon Island, a desert island.

Boumons, including a small Boumon, with various attributes exist, but no details are revealed yet.

The demand for Boumons as pets is great because they are so cute, so there are Boumon hunters who often poach Boumons.

Boumon Island is not a peaceful place.

We released the first chapter, “Regeneration of the Archenemy,” for the Boumon Series.

With trip navigators, Garnett and Muma , a player goes off on adventures to defeat the Archenemy who regenerated from the dark world.

New quests will be released as Chapters 2 and 3.

A player makes a team consisting of five Boumons and one supporter Boumon and defeats all enemy monsters (Boumons) which appear in each stage.

If your Boumon hits the enemy’s weakness, the damage to the enemy will be twice as great.

Your Boumons can use certain skills when their energy is fully charged.

The skills include one that improves offensive power of the team members and one that enables a player to attack all entire enemies.

Once a stage is cleared, defeated Boumons can become your team members.

You can enhance the power of a Boumon by combining it with other Boumon.

Boumon evolving fusion makes a Boumon cuter or stronger and improves its power.

You can configure an effective team suitable for each quest to defeat enemies.

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