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Limited to 3000 units! Now accepting orders for “YUREX,” the world’s first “Binbo-Yusuri” gadget.


KAYAC will release YUREX TM, a product that was jointly developed with art group Maywa Denki based on the “Binbo-Yusuri” (nervous knee shaking) theoretical concept.

We started accepting orders on the product website in advance of its release.

Based on the concept that “Binbo-Yusuri” generates beat patterns which inspire creativity, Maywa Denki and KAYAC jointly developed YUREX, a digital device (web interlocked gadget) which enables measurement, visualization and manipulation of the creative beat patterns.

YUREX is attached to a thigh and accommodates a counter which records Binbo-Yusuri data.

Since beat patterns can be imported to a PC as digital signals once connected using a USB cable, users can analyze their beat patterns.

A dedicated web site displays profiles of YUREX users, called Yusuletes (Yusuru+athlete), who reside all over the world, locates Yusuletes on a map and ranks Yusuletes, etc. to encourage online communication through Binbo-Yusuri.

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