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Noodle Master

Noodle Master

Make Your Customer’s Favorite Ramen! Addictive Ramen Maker App!

“Noodle Master” is the 2nd hyper casual game KAYAC presenting after Park Master.

It's a app to Serve a Ramen to Customers Coming to Your Shop One After Another.
Noodles will be squiggling out from a machine when you tap it. Place them beautifully inside a bowl and make a ramen.
Be careful not to spill them out by moving your finger too much.

Squiggling movement of noodles is the key point we continued improving,
Those indescribable feelings of pushing out noodles will sure make you addicted to the app.

Please give it a try!

Meet Various Requests from Customers

Some customers ask for customizing their ramens such as toppings and/or a type of the soup.
Place the ordered toppings and blend the soup in correct ratio, and place the noodles inside the bowl without spilling them out!

Noodle Makers Change Your Game Experience

There are various types of “Noodle Maker” in the app.
Complete the stages and get new noodle makers.

Collect Skins

You will be getting more and more skins with various shapes and unexpected movement.
Just a changing of the skin can gives you a different game experience of the app.

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