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Park Master

Park Master

Drag, Draw and Park! Hyper Casual Game that Won No.1 in the Number of App Downloads in U.S.!

Recently, “Hyper Casual Games” are dominating the ranking of application stores being a trend all over the world.
KAYAC has developed “Park Master” - a new hyper casual game - from scratch!

It’s a puzzle game to park cars successfully by drawing a line by your finger, trying not to crash into each other.

The app reached No.1 in the free app ranking for the number of app downloads in U.S. in January 2020!

Tons of Stages

More than 200 stages in total! You can play new stages anytime you have a spare time to kill.
The difficulty of the stages rises as you proceed the app and give your brain challenges

Various Tricks and Obstacles

There are various tricks and obstacles coming up in the parking area. For example, “Container Box” blocks the way to park your car, and you need to use a bulldozer to move it.
In addition to that, troublesome tricks and obstacles such as “Buffer Stops” that comes up from the ground once a car pass over them are awaiting you inside the stages.

More than 30 Skin Variations

You can get “Skins” that can change your vehicles’ outlooking using coins you achieve by completing the stages.
The game looks totally different using other skins, so please go and find your favorite one!

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