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Pham Anh

Engineering Dept./Unity engineer

Kayac is my first company, and I have many good memories in Kayac. I really love working here, making creative projects with interesting people.
ファン アインファン アイン
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I read so many famous mangas but I don't know why the manga appeared in my head now is 'Touch'.

I read 'Touch' long time ago, but I still impress about the character of all main characters.

'Touch' taught me much about friendship, love, and team-work.

By the way, I learned the rule of baseball through this manga.


Grave of the Fireflies

For me, this anime is one of the best of anti-war film. It's really touching my heart through its story, graphic and music.

(However, director Takahata denied that the film was an anti-war film)


Final Fantasy 9

I love graphic style of this game very much. And it was really awesome graphic for the game which was released in 2000.

The game music is so heart-touching. I recall my childhood whenever I listen the music theme of FF9. Characters & Skill system are really interesting!

カヤックの「つくる人を増やす」という 経営理念についてあなたの解釈を聞かせてください。

Each company contributes to the society by different ways. Kayac contributes to the society by increasing 'Creators'. 'Creators' create new things which connect other people, help them more happy, and make the world better. Awesome!


You know, football is one of the most popular sport in the world. Many people are playing football, watching football match. Teens can play football everywhere with only a ball. Football really simple & attractive. My dream is making a new thing which is simple, and every people enjoy it & play together with fun.


My life has been a road which is covered by full of roses.

I have a perfect family. I have all good friends. I passed every tests. I entered my desired university. I got the job which I wish...

My life looks like a river which flows quietly & peacefully.

But now I want to change it, more large waves.

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