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History of KAYAC’s new businesses

The path taken by BM after it was established








The theme was to “launch services that are talked about worldwide from Japan!”

2012 was an Olympic year. BMJP (Bukkomi Japan) was started as a self-styled Japanese representative with the aim of launching services that are talked about worldwide from Japan.

Six apps were released using the latest technology and ideas unique to Japan. They were shown at the SXSW2012 Interactive trade show held in Austin, Texas to highlight their appeal to the world.

In 2011, BM operated with a two-team structure.

The two teams were BMSP (Bukkomi Smartphone) developing apps becoming new platforms on smartphones and BMCL (Bukkomi Client Work Lab) making active proposals on research into new campaign techniques (technologies) such as 3D and digital signage.

The theme was “Who are we creating for? For kids!”

Reflecting on the failure of BMSilver, BMKids was launched to create services for kids, which was an audience we had experienced being part of.

Based on the theme of “making the world fun for kids,” we conducted R&D from the perspective of services enabling communication between children, parents and families, and services enabling children to have fun learning.

The theme was “Who are we creating for? For the elderly!”

BM11 had created whatever they wanted to but the policy changed from “fun for ourselves” to “fun for everyone” this year.

The first services were to be made for the elderly. Activities were conducted with the aim of creating new services for the elderly.

The theme was “The challenge of producing quantity”

For three years after the launch of BM, it operated based on the theme of facing the challenge of producing quantity.

It met the targets of 77 in 2007, 88 in 2008 and 99 in 2009 (103 in 2009) before it was dissolved. See the following sale page for services created by BM11.

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