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Matching service for couples and wedding planners

When holding a wedding, it is considered common knowledge outside Japan that choosing the right planner is more important than choosing the right venue, but this is not widely accepted in Japan.

But when you think about it, the content of a wedding is more important than where it is held.

Pla-cole Wedding helps provide the ideal wedding by matching couples who wish to hold weddings with wedding planners suitable for their tastes.

We want to become a savior of brides fretting about their weddings by creating new value that had not previously existed.

Information is moving from the era of search to the era of reach

A wedding is a once in a lifetime occasion. Brides don’t know what their ideal wedding is and don’t know how to search for it.

That is why Pla-cole Wedding emphasizes the approach of shifting from “search” to “reach” in order to deliver the best information instead of searching among a mountain of information.

Pla-cole Wedding’s strength is its unprecedented reverse offer service of delivering the best wedding by organizing the couples’ ideals and conveying the information to wedding planners.

Brides who are still unable to find the right planner can also consult a third-party advisor through chat and look for the right service together.

Based on the desire to create a platform that connects people, we will seek to focus on a mechanism that makes it easier for couples to connect with planners.

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