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Rites of Delta


Battle with millions of REAL PLAYERS around the world in an original


★ Collect hundreds of exquisitely designed cards by over 50 illustrators
★ Obtain premium cards through quests, battles and reserves to make
your decks invincible
★ Power up by enhancing or evolving your cards
★ Battle on the go with various killer skills by fascinating characters
★ Chat and plan with your fellows online and expand your allies network

Join one of the three nations of Orrah, and vie against rival empires
for control new lands. Build your own guild of troops and join forces
with other warriors to conquer the land of dreams. The actions you
take in battle will directly impact how the story of Rites of Delta
plays out. The mystery of Orrah will be revealed only once you choose
your path.

Will you become the ultimate Hero of Orrah? The fate of Delta is in your hand!
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