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yaCreepy Series

yaCreepy Series


Like creepy games? Here you go!

“yaCreepy” series of addictive stress-relieving games.

On a damp day in the rainy season, or when you feel blue, or when you were scolded at work and feel exhausted after getting home… In such situations, launch and play these apps for a distraction.

■ Fish Man
Just cut fish men. A fish-shaped man runs around. Split him in two one after another with a sword.

■ Worm Bowls
Just receive worms in your palms. Worms come down from above. Fill your palms with worms.

■ Rotate Head
Just hit the skull button repeatedly. Hit the button and blow up the head as often as you can.

■ Kill Bee
Just let the chameleon-human eat bugs. Help the chameleon-human eat flying bees.

■ Ugly Hand
Just cut human-faced scars that grow on your hand. Keep cutting them until they go away!

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