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Masking Print

Masking Print

Painting With A Roller, Making A T-shirt!

Kayac has released the 4th Hyper Casual Game - Masking Print.

"Masking Print" is a game with the motif of "silk screen printing" which is a printing technique, aiming to finish the T-shirt according to the model by choosing a roller with ink and a mask that will be a pattern.

We are particular about details such as sound and vibration, as well as texture, so that the operation when painting is comfortable.

A variety of stages are being prepared, we hope you could find one that you like.

Paint In The Wrong Order May Cause A Trouble!?

If you don't look carefully at the completed drawing and the shape of the mask, think carefully about the paint order, you may end up with an unexpected picture.
Think carefully, repeat trial and error, to complete a picture according to the model is the biggest attraction of this game.

As the number of masks and the types of colors increase, the difficulty of the stage will increase.
Try to clear all the stages, from the one that can pass quickly, to the other you can't do without thinking!

Create Your Own "Shop"

You can confirm all the cleared stages from "Shop" screen.
On this screen, you can find the T-shirts you have made so far, just like an online shop.

You can play again by choosing the stage that you want to repeat.
Also, not only T-shirts, you can change the the motif to something else, like tote bags or sweatshirts, that can let you customize your shop with your favorite motifs!

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