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Paint Dropper

Paint Dropper

Swap Colors and Complete the Painting!

“Paint Dropper” is the 3rd app KAYAC is releasing worldwide as a hyper casual game.
The app is a puzzle game to complete the art piece by swapping the colors inside the campus by using a dropper.
Suck up a color by tapping the campus and spill it out by tapping it once again.

Touches and sounds of sucking colors will make you addicted to the app for sure!
You can find familiar paintings inside the app, so please look for them too.

You Can Play More than 100 Stages!

We are providing a huge number of stages so that you can just keep on playing without thinking anything.
A complicated painting comes up time to time as a boss stage.
You can enjoy different level of challenges inside it.

Collect Droppers and Picture Frames!

“Droppers” and “Picture Frames” can be customized inside the app.
You can custom “Droppers” which used as a tool to switch colors by paying coins achieved through stage completion.
There are some droppers with special movement or an extraordinary shape.
Please look for the one that best fits your preference.

You also achieve points when completing stages, and a new picture frame will be applied to paintings every time they reach 100%.
The new picture frame itself will totally change your play experiences.

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