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Kinnikuman Muscle Shot

Kinnikuman Muscle Shot

Trigger shots and attacks! Exhilarating battle

Kinnikuman Muscle Shot is a smartphone action RPG by DeNA.

The game features real-time team play for up to four players and a story that follows the original plot. KAYAC worked with DeNA in producing the game.

Highlights of the game are as follows:

▼Exhilarating battle with simple operation!
Freely use Chojins and trigger shots!
Get wild in the ring!

▼Make successful super attack
Kinniku Buster, Robin Special, and other strong special attacks of Chojins!
Use super tag team skills of great pairs such as Muscle Docking!

▼Memorable scenes again!
The story mode follows the original plot!
Memorable scenes come back again!
Don’t miss conversations between Chojins!

▼Real-time network battle for up to four players!
Create a team in real time and engage in heated battle!
Share the joy of victory with your friends!

▼Fierce player-to-player battle!
Your next competitors are players all over Japan!
Make your best team to win the battle against rivals!

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