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Tanikawa by Shuntaro Tanikawa

Tanikawa by Shuntaro Tanikawa

Flowing poetry app expressing the world of Shuntaro Tanikawa’s poetry as river

Using this poetry app, users can enjoy 33 poems by Shuntaro Tanikawa, including three new poems the poet
wrote for this app.
This app has been designed and produced jointly with Nanarokusha and Realcoffee Entertainment.

The Tanikawa app shows the stream of memorable phrases of each poem.
Listening to the sound of birds and brook, enjoy the words that slowly flow on the surface of the river.
You can make a phrase jump by touching the screen and adjust the speed of the stream by tilting the iPhone.
Enjoy the app as you like.
When you find a poem that you like, you can catch it using a fishing pole and read the entire poem, post it on
Twitter for your friends, and make your own collection as gyotaku fish impressions.

When collecting all the poems, you can see a message from Shuntaro Tanikawa. Wh+I11ile at work, in the office, or
in the restroom - visit Tanikawa anytime and anywhere.

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