Animation "ROBOTICS;NOTES" AR Event

Animation heroine & 3D robot appear in AR environment in Odaiba, Tokyo!

Kayac has engaged in the promotion event for ROBOTICS;NOTES, an animation that will go on air on October 2012 in Fuji Television’s Noitamina and other slots. Kayac has been responsible for the entire process from AR planning through production of the event called “Chutanerobo club room design” held at Noitamina Shop & Cafe Theater at Aqua City Odaiba.

The heroine of the animation appears in AR on the monitor installed in the club room, which provides the feeling that she is actually in the room with visitors.

In addition, visitors can take a photo with her using the special iPad installed in the room. They can bring the photo with them as a QR code. The photo with the character provides new exciting experience

Kayac also designed AR using a huge balloon (6m in length) at Cinema Mediage Atrium in the same facility. When the iPad installed at the atrium is held against the balloon, a huge 3D robot appears and starts moving. It offers the “2.5-demention” experience between 3D and 2D, where the balloon robot, which should not move, starts moving actively on iPad.

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