IR movie | KAYAC


IR movie

A video that quickly summarizes KAYAC's business and management principals.

The following topics are introduced in the IR movie:

An introduction to Kayac's business

  • Some examples of client work projects (0:50〜)
  • Kayac's original services and social games (1:16〜)
  • An intro to Lobi (1:42〜)
  • Acquisitions and sales (1:58〜)

Kayac's organizational strategy

  • Our corporate philosophy "Create more creators" (2:28〜)
  • What makes Kayac unique (1): 90% of employees are creators (3:17~)
  • What makes Kayac unique (2): Head office in Kamakura (3:48~)
  • What makes Kayac unique (3): A fun loving company (4:12~)
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